What I can do for you


Translation is the process of turning a document written in one language into another language. The content and style of the original document is retained, although the wording can sometimes differ slightly so as to sound natural in the target language. I translate documents written in German into UK English. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with any other language combination, or with spoken word translation, known as interpreting.

Translation checking

Have you received a translation, but aren’t sure whether it’s any good? Then send me the German original and the English translation and I will check for translation errors, missing translations and spelling and grammar. I will return to you a copy of the translation with my suggestions highlighted and give you a general comment on the quality of the translation.

Types of document

If the document you want me to translate is trying to sell something, I can translate it for you. Whether you’re selling a particular product or service you offer or whether you’re touting your company to potential new clients, I enjoy translating all kinds of marketing and advertising documents. Let me be your gateway to the English-speaking world.

I also translate

Other documents I translate include contracts and agreements, terms and conditions, business communications or general texts which don’t fit into any category. I also enjoy sport (in particular football/soccer and snooker) and can play guitar, so any translation in those fields would be warmly welcomed.

Document types

I translate:

  • Press releases
  • Product catalogues and descriptions
  • Company and/or service descriptions/profiles
  • Case studies/customer success stories
  • Business communications
  • Websites
  • Contracts (business and rental)
  • Terms and conditions (including non-disclosure agreements)
  • User manuals
  • General texts

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Interested in working with me? Have a look at the ”How it works” page to learn more about the translation process, or get in touch.